Surgeon Dr. Kadir Çolakoğlu


Surgeon Dr. Kadir Çolakoğlu



Date of Birth : 1974
Place Of Birth : Greece
Education Status
University : Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine
Specialisation : GATA Haydarpasa Training Hospital
Specialty : Cataract, Glaucoma, Strabismus, Pediatric ophthalmology, Oculoplasty, Medical Retina


1 Turkey Ophthalmology Society
2 Turkish Medical Association
3 Conscious Hypnosis Association


1 Flight Physician Certificate (Eskişehir USAEM)
2 Hypnosis Certificate (Conscious Hypnosis Association)
3 Test Animal Use Certificate (GATA HEH)


A The articles published in international peer-reviewed journals:
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B Reports Submitted at International Scientific Meetings and Proceedings:
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C The articles published in national peer-reviewed journals
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D Abstracts presented at national scientific meetings and published in abstract books
D1 “The effect of bevacizumab on wound healing in the conjunctiva of rabbits treated with trabeculectomy”, Turkish Ophthalmology Society 44,. National Ophthalmology Congress 29 September 2010- 3 October 2010


1 Çolakoğlu K, Aydın A, Kar T, Ayata A, Aykan U, Unal MH, Hahuora A, Erşanlı D “Effect of Bevacizumab on conjunctival wound healing in rabbits subjected to trabeculectomy” 2014 Yil Gazi Eye Foundation Scientific Encouragement Award
2 Salcan İ, Aydın Ü, Çolakoğlu K, AYDIN, Erşanlı D. “Quantitative values ​​of anterior chamber angle detected by ultrason biomicroscopy in healthy, young male population” 45. TOD National Congress 5-9 October 2011, Girne. Turkish Ophthalmology Magazine Best Article Award (Second Place)


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