No Touch Laser Surgery

No Touch Laser

For over 30 years, laser eye surgery has been used all over the world.Over the years, different techniques have been used for this purpose.The most important factor in success is to decide which technique to use on different kinds of patients.With the technology improving now surgerys can be done without touching the eye.

Treatment Without Touching the Eye: No Touch Laser.

No touch laser is a type of treatment where you don’t need to touch or cut the eye to perform the surgery, it is all done with a laser.During the surgery the patient doesn’t feel uncomfortable or any pain.This surgery is good for people who are scared of other types of eye surgerys.

What can you fix with this technique

 Myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism can be treated with this technique.All cases where these are individual or together can be fixed in one session .

How long is the session?

After the anesthesia takes effect it takes less than 1 minute for each eye

Applicable to patients with thin corneal

Because the cornea layer is thin it can be applied to patients who have not undergone classical incision laser treatment and that is one of the biggest advantages.

 Who can get No Touch Laser treatment

The treatment can be done on people who have a thin cornea, people who had a corneal transplant, people who had cataract surgery and people who has an intraocular lens.

 Why No Touch Laser

No Touch Laser is good because it is short, it can be done on patients with thin corneas, you don’t need to touch the eye and the patients will be more comfortable.


 translated by Derin Kavalcıoğlu

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